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About Boggy Branch Studio, Vancleave, Mississippi

How do you start a story about a lifelong dream? Music has always been a part of my life but seldom a priority. During Hurricane Katrina in south Mississippi, I was watching trees crash to the ground through boarded up windows. Afterwards, we walked our property and had to climb over hundreds of pine and other trees. Our days were spent cleaning up and opening roads. In the process of securing our home, I decided to gather what trees I could and save as many as possible. Months later, when living was easier and electricity restored, friends helped me gather and stack the trees. We hired a man with a saw mill and started cutting up lumber. I had an idea for a building and so we made a list of the lumber needed. Tree after tree, we checked off our lumber list. They say, you have to dry wood one year for every inch of thickness, so we cut it and stacked it up. After two years, we started pulling the lumber off the stacks and building, Boggy Branch Studio, my recording studio dream.

Friends and family helped with the project. We started with clearing a spot, pouring a slab and then building one piece at a time. It was a slow process but at the same time, very exciting. I would lay awake at night thinking about acoustics and equipment choices. My brothers-in-law helped me build the building. Bryan and I laid the oak floors, installed the ceiling and finished the walls. Karen and I built the window frames. Gradually, the studio took shape and one day the Toft Audio Console arrived. Hugh and I carried it in and set it in the desk that Jeff and I had built. There were so many loving hands that helped with this project including my wife, Carolyn, who was always there. There were many others who are not mentioned here, who helped make it a reality and we could not have done it without them.

So, the studio was finally functional, although we are still constantly adding equipment. The first day for recording finally arrived and musician friends came over to help. Mark Black (engineer) was here to help and we were all amazed. It is one thing to plan, figure, and build to the best of your ability but we all knew that the proof would be in the recording. We were all amazed and very pleased. The acoustics and the recordings were all what we had hoped and planned for. Boggy Branch Studio was a reality.

Now, we have everything you need here... a full professional audio recording studio in a very quiet, serene location. Lots of love went into building this studio and it is the same way that we approach our projects. Our undivided attention and genuine interest in what you are doing are guaranteed. We will help in whatever way we can to make you feel comfortable and to get the best out of you. We don't see our business as simply recording you, taking your money and saying goodbye. We are Boggy Branch Studio, a professional recording studio, with a very friendly attitude. Y'all come see us.


Well, it is hard to believe, it has happened so fast ... but three years have passed since we turned the switches, plugged in mics and recorded our first tracks. We have constantly made changes, updates and upgrades to our equipment. We have recorded all types of songs and worked with some amazing musicians. Everyday that goes by, I am more and more pleased with our place in the music community. Our committment is still the same as when I drove the first nail and plugged in the first mic ... music is my passion and my pursuit is to produce the best songs possible. April 2013

- Daniel Westphal

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