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• Recording
• Music Production
• Track Editing
• Mixing
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We have Special Package Pricing
and Half and Full Day Rates
Special Price on Complete CD Packages

We Can Add Music To Your Songs
Our excellent lineup of musicians can put music to your songs and lyrics.
You can sing, or utilize one of our professional singers to give you a great
sounding tune. Besides complete accompaniment, we offer just
DRUM, KEYBOARD, GUITAR or BASS Tracks to your songs.
Give us a call for a great sound at an excellent price

NOTE - Certain special effects, looping, bass drops, mastering, etc may be extra. We will discuss these before any additional charges are added to the above if these services are desired or needed. CD Duplication and Graphic Packages are available. Call for complete details.

How much will it cost to record a CD?

Well, somewhere between say $35 and $10,000.  How's that for a guess?  Actually, there's no way to know for sure how long any particular recording could take.  It all depends on the project.  Some things are first takes, while other things may take some time.  The only thing I can say is don't come in, record & mix 10 songs in one day and expect it to be your... or my ... best work.  Rushing any part of the recording process could leave you with less than pleasing results.  If you can't afford to record a full length 10 or 12 song album, try recording a 6 song Ep.  Even a well produced 3 song demo will get you alot further than a sloppy 15 song album.  So the simplest answer to this question would be to contact me and let's discuss it.  If you have a specific budget you're trying to work within, I'll do my best to put something together that will work best for you. There are always options.

What can we do to get ready for the studio?

We will first have a meeting or two to discuss the whole project. We will plan everything out and set a schedule for the project. Then, choose your songs wisely.  Pick your best tunes to record and practice, practice, practice!  And don't just practice them like you're playing a gig.  Think about tempos and count offs.  Consider practicing with a click track.  Click tracks are hard for some people to jump into when they first get to the studio, however the more solid the tempo, the better and more professional sounding the track will be.   Of course, many bands get by just fine without the aid of click tracks, but it may take a few more takes to get THE base tracks to use as the foundation of the song. Another thing to consider would be your gear.  Make sure everything is up to snuff.  Guitar & bass players should make sure they have good strings and the intonation is set.  Don't forget new & extra batteries for pedals and active electronics.  Drummers should have good or new heads (tuned if possible), plenty of sticks and possibly an extra snare drum just incase the one isn't sounding right for the recording.  Keep an open mind reguarding gear.  If something isn't sounding right in the studio, don't hesitate to try something else.  I have gear, and I will make suggestions during projects, always with the intention of producing better songs. You never know what will work best until you try it!  So now - singers.  You guys have one of the hardest jobs in the studio.  Best prep for you is to not wear yourself out.  Try not to schedule recording time the day after a gig.  Sodas are bad.  Green tea is good!  Smoking is very bad but often not avoidable with some singers.   Sickness is tough to avoid, but if you find yourself sick on tracking day it may be best to skip vocals and reschedule another day.


Payment is expected in full at the end of each session booked.  No copies of rough or final mixes will be handed over until payment is made.  I do not accept credit cards, however if you have a PayPal account a payment could be made online.  Contact me for details.


Prices subject to change.
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